Naran Kaghan Tour Guide & Packages

Naran Kaghan, located in the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province of Pakistan, is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the country. Known for its stunning landscapes, alpine lakes, and picturesque valleys, Naran Kaghan attracts thousands of tourists every year.

We have 8 years of tourism experience to provide you with entertainment at reasonable prices and make your tour memorable with your families, friends, and as a couple. We provide our customers with lavish accommodations, hygienic foods, and luxury transport.

If you want to know more, this comprehensive travel guide covers everything you need to know to plan your trip to Naran Kaghan, including how to get there, top attractions, best places to stay, and tips for an amazing vacation.

Key Places to Visit in Naran Kaghan

Known for its pristine lakes, lush green meadows, and towering mountains, it is a paradise for nature lovers and adventure seekers. Let’s see which places are worth seeing in Naran Kaghan.

Lake Saiful Muluk

The famed and picturesque Lake Saiful Muluk, located at 3,224 meters above sea level, is the major highlight of the region.


Surrounded by lush green mountains, this alpine lake has crystal clear water reflecting the blue skies.

You can hike around the lake, trout fish, or simply admire the scenic views and capture postcard-perfect photographs.

Babusar Top

At an elevation of 4,173 meters, Babusar Top is the highest point in the valley.

The scenic mountain pass connects KPK with Gilgit-Baltistan, offering breathtaking vistas.


On a clear day, you can view the peaks of Nanga Parbat. The road over Babusar Pass remains closed in winter due to heavy snowfall.

Lalazar Plateau


Cross Babusar Top to reach the stunning Lalazar Plateau, which is carpeted with flowers and surrounded by snow-capped peaks.

The area has excellent sites for trout fishing and camping amidst captivating landscapes. Don’t miss the enthralling views of Deosai National Park from here.

Trekking & Hiking

With endless trails, Naran Kaghan is a trekker’s paradise. Some popular short treks include the paths around Lake Saiful Muluk, Lulusar Lake, and Dudipatsar Lake.

Naran Kaghan Hiking

For the experienced, multiple-day treks to Malika Parbat and Musa ka Musalla base camps are highly rewarding. See the crystalline Lulusar and Dudipatsar lakes. The crown jewel is Lake Saif ul Malook at 3224 m – a beautiful mountain lake with fairy tale scenery.

Water Sports

Naran kaghan water sports

Experience thrilling whitewater rafting on the gushing Kunhar River flowing through the valley. The 4-5 km rafting stretch provides grade 2-4 rapids. The crystalline waters of the Kunhar River and lakes like Lulusar and Dudipatsar are excellent for water sports like rafting, kayaking, and canoeing.

The rapids range from grade 1 to 4, so even beginners can enjoy them. Rental gear and instructors are easily available.

Wildlife & Birdwatching

Naran kaghan beautiful scene

Spot exotic Himalayan wildlife in their natural habitat, especially around the higher-elevation meadows.

Look out for snow leopards, Himalayan bears, ibex, golden eagles, vultures, and pheasants. Lalazar is particularly rich in unique bird species. Marvel at waterfalls like Kiwayi, Sohni, and Lalazar, plunging from great heights amidst lush greenery.

Siri Paye Meadows

Nestled in the Himalayan mountains near Shogran, Siri Paye meadows offer breathtaking vistas of the surrounding peaks and Kaghan Valley.

Siri Paye Meadows

Explore this alpine plateau on a jeep safari and enjoy excellent hiking trails with captivating views at 2895 meters.

Ansoo Lake

Ansoo Lake is a picturesque high-altitude lake located at the base of Malika Parbat in the western Himalayas.

Ansoo Lake

Families can enjoy trekking to this scenic destination and camping along the shores of the peaceful turquoise waters with panoramic mountain views.

Shopping & Food

Make sure to buy the famous organic honey and trout fish from Naran. The bustling bazaar in Naran township has stalls selling woolen clothes, Peshawari chapals, and handicraft items. Try the local cuisine, including simple dishes like trout curry and paye. Roadside restaurants serve traditional halwa and chai.

Naran kaghan street food

With so much diversity, a trip to Naran Kaghan promises magnificent scenery, adventurous activities, and charming villages to discover.

Naran Kaghan tour packages, duration, and rates from major Cities in Pakistan

Naran Kaghan Tour packages

Naran Kaghan offers various tour packages catering to different durations and budgets. Popular tours range from 2 to 7 days, starting from major cities like Islamabad, Lahore, and Karachi. This section overviews sample tour packages, duration, and indicative rates from the major cities.

Naran Saif-ul-Malook from Karachi

Tour PackageDurationPrice Range (PKR)
Naran Saif-ul-Malook from Karachi2-4 DaysRs.46,500 – Rs.54,000
Naran Kaghan Babusar Top from Karachi4-5 DaysRs.56,500 – Rs.60,500
Kaghan Naran Shogran from Karachi5-6 DaysRs.66,000 – Rs.71,500
Shogran, Lalazar & Naran from Karachi6-7 DaysRs.68,000 – Rs.95,000
Economy Naran & Kaghan from Karachi2-4 DaysRs.45,500

Discounts ranging from 10% to 15% can be availed on these packages by contacting the tour operator.

Naran Saif-ul-Malook from Lahore

Tour PackageDurationPrice Range (PKR)
Naran Saif-ul-Malook from Lahore2-4 DaysRs.36,500 – Rs.44,500
Naran Shogran Kaghan from Lahore4-5 DaysRs.50,500 – Rs.60,500
Kaghan Valley & Naran from Lahore5-6 DaysRs.57,000 – Rs.67,500
Naran Lulusar Lake from Lahore6-7 DaysRs.65,000 – Rs.80,500
Economy Naran & Kaghan from Lahore2-4 DaysRs.30,500

10% to 15% discounts are also being offered on these Lahore packages.

Naran Saif-ul-Malook from Rawalpindi / Islamabad

Tour PackageDurationPrice Range (PKR)
Naran Saif-ul-Malook from Rawalpindi/Islamabad2-4 DaysRs.18,000 – Rs.22,000
Naran Shogran Kaghan from Rawalpindi/Islamabad4-5 DaysRs.22,500 – Rs.25,500
Kaghan Valley & Naran from Rawalpindi/Islamabad5-6 DaysRs.26,000 – Rs.29,000
Naran Lulusar Lake from Rawalpindi/Islamabad6-7 DaysRs.47,000 – Rs.54000
Economy Naran & Kaghan from Rawalpindi/Islamabad2-4 DaysRs.18000
For Custom Tour Package Call+923406290415

About 15% to 20% discounts are also offered on these Rawalpindi/Islamabad packages.

Naran Saif-ul-Malook from Faisalabad

Tour PackageDurationPrice Range (PKR)
Naran Saif-ul-Malook from Faisalabad2-4 DaysRs.34,500 – Rs.44,500
Naran Shogran Kaghan from Faisalabad4-5 DaysRs.45,000 – Rs.55,500
Kaghan Valley & Naran from Faisalabad5-6 DaysRs.50,000 – Rs.60,500
Naran Lulusar Lake from Faisalabad6-7 DaysRs.65,000 – Rs.69,500
Economy Naran & Kaghan from Faisalabad2-4 DaysRs.34,500
For Custom Trips to Northern AreasCall+923406290415

Naran Saif-ul-Malook from Multan

Tour PackageDurationPrice Range (PKR)
Naran Saif-ul-Malook from Multan2-4 DaysRs.38,500 – Rs.40,000
Naran Shogran Kaghan from Multan4-5 DaysRs.42,500 – Rs.54,000
Kaghan Valley & Naran from Multan5-6 DaysRs.54,000 – Rs.60000
Naran Lulusar Lake from Multan6-7 DaysRs.67,000 – Rs.74000
Economy Naran & Kaghan from Multan2-4 DaysRs.38,500

Naran Saif-ul-Malook from Gujranwala

Tour PackageDurationPrice Range (PKR)
Naran Saif-ul-Malook from Gujranwala2-4 DaysRs.37,000 – Rs.45,000
Naran Shogran Kaghan from Gujranwala4-5 DaysRs.52,500 – Rs.62,500
Kaghan Valley & Naran from Gujranwala5-6 DaysRs.58,500 – Rs.68,500
Naran Lulusar Lake from Gujranwala6-7 DaysRs.65,000 – Rs.80,000
Economy Naran & Kaghan from Gujranwala2-4 DaysRs.37,500

So if you’re planning a holiday in northern Pakistan next year, check out these Naran Kaghan tour packages starting at just Rs.15,500. The discounts will make the trips even more affordable. You’ll get to experience breathtakingly beautiful lakes, imposing snow-capped peaks, lush meadows, glaciers, hiking trails, and unique villages along with modern conveniences. It’s the perfect summer getaway for families, adventure seekers, photographers or anyone who loves nature. Contact the tour operators now to customize and book your 2024 vacation.

Booking Process For Naran Kaghan Tour

Booking Process For Naran Kaghan Tour

To start, tourists select their joining point. Options are available from major cities like Karachi, Lahore, Multan, Rawalpindi, and Faisalabad. All tourists convene in Islamabad before heading to Naran Kaghan.

Customize Your Dream Tour

First, click “Make My Tour” on our website to personalize your Naran Kaghan getaway. Fill out the form detailing your ideal trip itinerary, attractions, accommodations, activities, budget, and interests. This provides the foundation for a tailor-made tour.

Get Expert Recommendations

Alternatively, call our travel experts directly. Discuss your vision for the perfect Naran Kaghan vacation over the phone. Our team will suggest customized options based on your priorities and make recommendations for crafting your ideal tour package.

Finalizing All Details

After you submit the online form or call, an expert will follow up to finalize your customized tour. Refine details like duration, transportation, hotels, activities, and destinations until your Naran Kaghan holiday matches your dreams.

Thus, our goal is to provide exceptional individualized service while you experience the majestic beauty of northern Pakistan. You’ll return home from your tailored Naran Kaghan tour with lifelong treasured memories.

What services are we giving to our tourists?

We aim to provide our tourists with a seamless and memorable Naran Kaghan tour experience. Our services include comfortable transportation, quality accommodations, experienced guides, customized itineraries, and 24/7 support throughout the tour. This section outlines the key services and facilities we offer to ensure a smooth and enjoyable tour for our valued guests.

We provide luxury AC private transport options, including Corolla Car, Prado, Coaster, and Hi-Roof. Tourists can choose their preferred vehicle for the Naran Kaghan tour based on group size and comfort needs. All transports have AC, comfortable seats, and large windows to enjoy the scenic views.

We include two quality meals per day – Breakfast and Dinner. Authentic local Pakistani cuisine will focus on fresh ingredients and traditional recipes. Dietary requirements can be accommodated with advance notice so everyone enjoys the regional flavors.

We arrange stays at perfect, family-friendly hotels. When touring attractions, properties are selected for cleanliness, hospitality, amenities, and convenience. Various room options are available to suit your group’s size and budget.

We provide professional Naran travel guide services. The knowledgeable guide will share information about the culture, history, and nature of Naran Kaghan. They will also assist with logistics, recommendations, and ensuring a smooth tour experience.

We offer recreational blazing bonfires and tasty BBQs. Gather around the crackling fire under starry night skies for music, stories, and traditional Pakistani barbecue. It’s a memorable way to end each exciting tour day.

We provide basic first aid for participants. A trained staff member and medical supplies will be available in case of any health issues during the tour. Safety is our priority.

We include fuel, tolls, parking, etc., in the package price. So there are no hidden charges, and you can budget properly for your Naran Kaghan holiday.

How We Make Our Trip – Let’s Understand with a 3-Day Trip Plan

To give you a better idea of how we plan our Naran Kaghan tours, we write a sample 3-day itinerary. This overview of the key attractions, travel time, activities, and accommodation arrangements. Going through this sample trip plan will help you understand how we craft customized itineraries to provide the best experience within a limited time. 

Here is a sample 3-day Naran Kaghan family trip itinerary covering the must-visit places:

Day 1

  • Leave Islamabad/Rawalpindi early morning and reach Naran by afternoon
  • Check-in at your hotel in Naran Valley
  • Take a short half-hour Jeep ride to Lake Saif-ul-Malook
  • Admire the scenic beauty of the lake surrounded by snow-capped mountains
  • Return to Naran hotel for overnight stay

Day 2

  • Have breakfast at the hotel
  • Go river rafting in the Kunhar River
  • Visit Lulusar Lake and enjoy the peaceful atmosphere
  • Explore scenic waterfalls like Jalkhand Waterfall
  • Drive up to Babusar Top and enjoy the views and photography
  • Return to Naran hotel for dinner and overnight stay

Day 3

  • Have breakfast at the hotel
  • Visit Kiwai village and explore the Kiwai Waterfall café
  • Take a 2-hour Jeep ride to Shogran Siri Paye meadows
  • Return to Naran and leave for Islamabad/Rawalpindi

You see how we manage our trip efficiently for you to enjoy nature.

Our Special Naran Kaghan Tour Package for Couple

Honeymoon naran kaghan tour package

Want a special trip just for two? We made a 5-day Naran Kaghan tour just for couples. Walk beautiful mountains and lakes. Eat yummy picnics. Stay in a nice lodge with pretty views. This fun trip will help you enjoy nature and each other. Naran Kaghan offers excellent couple and honeymoon tour packages. Some highlights:

  • Packages range from Rs. 50,000 to Rs. 75,000 for 2 to 5 days
  • Include accommodation, food, transport and tours
  • Special honeymoon package at Lake Saif-ul-Malook
  • Candlelight dinner at scenic locations
  • Photography and guide facilities

Best Time to Visit Naran Kaghan

Naran Kaghan has four distinct seasons, each with its unique charm and attractions:

  • Spring (March-May): Spring brings lush green meadows and wildflowers in bloom. Trekking trails open up while temperatures remain pleasant.
  • Summer (June – August): Summers are cool and mild due to the high altitude. This is the peak tourist season with clear blue skies.
  • Autumn (September – November): Post-monsoon, the landscape turns into a kaleidoscope of autumn colors. Trout fishing in rivers and lakes is popular.
  • Winter (December – February): Winters are freezing with heavy snowfall. Most hotels and restaurants remain closed. The valley becomes inaccessible due to road blockages.

The best time to visit is during the summer months between June to August. The weather is perfect for sightseeing and outdoor activities. Spring and autumn are also ideal, though you may encounter some blocked roads. Winters should be avoided unless you want to enjoy snow sports.

Tips for Visiting Naran Kaghan

To help you have a smooth and enjoyable trip to Naran Kaghan Valley, here are some useful tips:

  • Due to the high altitude, acclimatize before strenuous hiking. Stay hydrated and avoid over-exertion.
  • Walk carefully near rivers and streams as slippery stones and sudden water surges are common.
  • The sun rays are very strong, so wear sunscreen and sunglasses when outdoors.
  • Make a checklist of medicines and first-aid items like painkillers, ORS, ointments, bandages, nausea relief drugs, etc.
  • Carry cash for paying certain entrance fees and road taxes. Many places don’t accept cards.
  • Only use reputed rental companies for cars, bikes, or equipment. Check for valid licenses and paperwork.
  • Respect local culture and dress modestly when visiting small villages. Ask permission before photographing locals.
  • Do not attempt difficult treks or uncharted routes without an experienced guide. Better to join a scheduled group tour.
  • Keep emergency contacts saved on your phone and inform your family/hotel about your daily plans. Share location if off-the-beaten-path.

By following these tips and doing prior research about Naran Kaghan, you can have a safe and fulfilling trip that will leave you with wonderful memories.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The ideal time is from May to September when the weather is pleasant. Winters can be extremely cold.

Some top attractions are Lake Saif-ul-Malook, Babusar Top, Siri Paye Meadows, Lulusar, and Dudipatsar Lakes.

You can go trekking, camping, fishing, boating, river rafting, horse riding, sightseeing, photography, and more.

You can drive from Islamabad or Peshawar via the Karakoram Highway. Public transport is also available.

Reputable tour companies offer customizable 2-7 day tour packages covering the major attractions and activities.

Naran City has hotels for all budgets. Luxury hotels are also available near Saif-ul-Malook Lake and several scenic spots.

Overview of Naran Kaghan

Naran Kaghan is a valley in the Himalayan foothills spanning two districts – Mansehra and Kohistan. The valley stretches 155 kilometers from Naran township to the Babusar Top mountain pass, which connects Khyber Pakhtunkhwa with Gilgit-Baltistan.

The Kunhar River flows through the entire valley, originating from Lulusar Lake and culminating at Jalkhad. The landscapes in Naran Kaghan range from alpine forests, meadows, and lakes to high-altitude mountains and glaciers. The region has a moderate summer temperature and extreme winters with heavy snowfall.

Naran Kaghan Valley

Some of the most prominent landmarks and tourist spots in Naran Kaghan include Lake Saiful Muluk, Babusar Top, Lulusar Lake, Lalazar Plateau, Noori Lake, Ansoo Lake, Malika Parbat, and Makra Peak. The valley is home to exotic wildlife, including the snow leopard, Himalayan brown bear, Himalayan ibex, golden eagle, and monal pheasant.

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Once you’ve filled out the form, our team will carefully review your preferences and create a custom offer tailored to your needs. We look forward to helping you plan an unforgettable journey through the enchanting landscapes of Naran Kaghan Valley!

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Why Visit Naran Kaghan?

Why Visit Naran Kaghan

Naran Kaghan is the crown jewel of Pakistan’s tourism industry, with endless natural beauty and adventure opportunities for travelers of all types – families, couples, backpackers, trekkers, and photographers. 

Here are key reasons that make Naran Kaghan an unmissable destination:

Breathtaking Landscapes

From majestic snow-clad mountains to green alpine meadows and glacial lakes, the vistas are jaw-dropping everywhere you turn in Naran Kaghan. It is a photographer’s paradise.

Naran Kaghan Blog

Outdoor Activities

Adventure lovers will be spoilt for choice with hiking trails, camping sites, fishing spots, snow sports, rafting rapids, birdwatching, and so much more to do. Nature is always calling for exploration here.

Alpine Lakes


The crystalline, clear turquoise waters of alpine lakes like Saiful Muluk, Lulusar, and Dudipatsar are incredible. Boating or trout fishing in these lakes is a magical experience.

Diverse Culture

Interact with the friendly locals from small mountainside villages. Learn about their lifestyle, taste their cuisine, and buy their handicrafts. The cultural immersion adds depth to your trip.

Untouched Beauty

Much of the wilderness in Naran Kaghan is still pristine and untouched. Appreciate the rare natural splendor you find here that is fast vanishing elsewhere.

Religious History

Visit ancient mosques and shrines around Naran town that reflect its religious heritage associated with Islamic preachers and Mughal emperors.

Four-Season Fun

Every season brings its flavor, summer adventures, autumn colors, spring blossoms, or winter snow. You’ll want to experience Naran Kaghan in each season.

With so much to offer, Naran Kaghan guarantees an unforgettable holiday amidst nature’s majesty that will rejuvenate your senses. This travel guide presents everything you need to plan a fantastic trip. Do share your memorable experiences and favorite spots of Naran Kaghan Valley with us!

what people say About Us

Here are some customer reviews and experiences of travelers who have explored Naran Kaghan Valley with our tourist company:

Samantha J.

Norcrss, GA

5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating

My trip to Naran Kaghan Valley with this tourist company was nothing short of magical. From the moment we arrived, we were greeted with warm hospitality and breathtaking scenery. Our guide, Ali, was incredibly knowledgeable about the area and took us on some unforgettable hikes. Camping by the crystal-clear lakes under the starry sky was a highlight of the trip. The local cuisine was delicious, and the cultural experiences were eye-opening. I can’t recommend this tour company enough for anyone looking for an authentic and adventurous experience in Northern Pakistan.

Michael T

Southfield, MI

5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating

As a landscape photographer, I had high expectations for my photography tour of Naran Kaghan Valley, and I was not disappointed. The landscapes here are simply breathtaking, and our guide, Farhan, knew all the best spots for capturing the beauty of the region. From sunrise over the mountains to sunset by the waterfalls, every moment was a photographer’s dream. The accommodations were comfortable, the food was delicious, and the entire experience was well-organized. I returned home with memory cards full of stunning shots and memories that will last a lifetime.

elon musk
Lina M

Martinsburg, WV

5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating

I’ve always been drawn to adventure, and my trip to Naran Kaghan Valley exceeded all my expectations. From exhilarating treks through the mountains to thrilling jeep rides along winding roads, every day was filled with excitement. The guides were experienced and made sure we felt safe every step of the way. Camping under the stars was a highlight, and waking up to the serene beauty of the valley was a feeling I’ll never forget. I highly recommend this tour company to anyone seeking adventure and adrenaline in one of the most stunning landscapes on Earth.